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EHT Driving Experience

"We provide smooth driving experiences"

We get involved early in the planning phase of your project and work out economic, as well as technical solutions with regard to efficiency and maximum usability, individually for the respective area of application.


Location map

3 fields of application

for technology that moves.

Proving Grounds

Technologies & Systems, such as

  • EFD - Evertz Flow & Drain
  • ESD - Evertz Spray & Drain
  • EFN - Evertz Flat Nozzle

for homogeneous roadway irrigation.

Drive Safety Centers

Technologies & Systems, such as

  • ESS - Evertz Standard Sprinkler
  • EVS - Evertz Vario Sprinkler
  • EWO - Evertz Water Obstacle

best suited for safety training.

Driving Experience Centers

Technologies & Systems, such as

  • EOC - Evertz Overflow Channel
  • ECI - Evertz Curb Stone Irrigation
  • EHS - Evertz Head Stream

as basic for your driving experience.

Other requirements? No problem!

Furthermore, a number of special solutions developed individually for the respective application are available. If you have a requirement outside our standard, we will be happy to work out a suitable solution for you!

  • RSTC Mölbling, Austria, ÖAMTC
  • RSTC Koblenz, Germany, ADAC
  • Hill Test Track Porsche, Leipzig, Germany
  • RSTC Innsbruck, Austria, ÖAMTC
  • RSTC & Racetrack Melk, Austria, ÖAMTC
  • Drivers Practice Field Gmünd, Austria
  • RSTC Dölzig, Germany, ADAC
  • RSTC Teesdorf, Austria, ÖAMTC
  • Tire Test Track Bridgestone, Italy
  • RSTC Baden Airpark, Germany
  • Federal Security Service Moskau, Russia
  • Break Test Track Daimler, Wörth, Germany
  • Hill Test Track Daimler, Wörth, Germany
  • RSTC Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, United Arabian Emirates
  • Break Test Track Toyota, Belgium
  • Project Spielberg Dynamic Drive (A1-Ring), Red Bull, Austria
  • RSTC Kairo, Egypt
  • RSTC Schluesselfeld, Germany, ADAC
  • RSTC Asturia, Spain
  • RSTC Posen, Poland
  • Bilster Berg Drive Resort, Germany
  • RSTC Kiel-Boksee, Germany, ADAC
  • Training Course Istra Traffic Police, Russia
  • BMW Group Driving Center, South Korea
  • Audi Driving Experience Center, Neuburg/Donau, Germany
  • Driving School Perg, Austria
  • Porsche Training &  Experience Center Atlanta, USA
  • Porsche Leipzig Irrigation Infield, Germany
  • RSTC Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Porsche Leipzig Irrigation Dynamic Area, Germany
  • Porsche Training &  Experience Center Le Mans, France
  • Driving Experience Center Logatec, Slovenia
  • ADAC RSTC Ingolstadt, Germany
  • Porsche Training & Experience Center Carson, USA
  • Porsche Training & Experience Center Shanghai
  • Toyota Hilltop Road Course Dallas, USA
  • BMW Test Track Tiexi, China
  • BMW Test Track Shanghai
  • ADAC RSTC Rosenhof, Germany
  • RSTC Brno, Czechia
  • Mercedes Benz World Test Track Weybridge, UK
  • PZ Daimler Immendingen, Germany
  • KAEC Motorsport Park Saudi Arabia
  • Porsche Experience Center Hockenheim, Germany
  • ÖAMTC Saalfelden, Austria
  • VSZ Olpe, Germany
  • RSTC Samara, Russia
  • Porsche Experience Center Izushima, Japan
  • Daimler Bosch Iracemapolis, Brazil
  • Bosch Flat Rock, Michigan, USA
  • MAN PG Ankara, Turkey
  • Road Safety Patrol Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Atlanta Motorsports Park, USA
  • PG Toyo Tires, Serbia

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