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During hydromechanical descaling, cooling, breaking and evaporation effects interact and reinforce each other. The scale layer is broken up by the high-pressure water jet, the scale shrinks due to spontaneous cooling, the abruptly evaporating water acts like countless small explosions and blasts off the scale, which is then rinsed off by the remaining water. Compared to mechanical processing, descaling with water is by far the more effective and economical process.

The fields of application of our systems

  • Billet and bar mills
  • Section and ring rolling mills
  • Forging descaling lines
  • Thin slab and casting rolling mills


For a long service life.

5x longer service life.

Due to the perfect synergy of a tight-sealing seat valve combined with the character of a soft-switching spool valve, the special EHT HP²duraseal always reliably performs its service. This leads to a multiplication of the usual service life, especially in operation with heavily contaminated media.

In direct comparison with hard-seated valves, but also in comparison with other soft-seated valves, the HP²duraseal demonstrates its outstanding performance.

Anti Water Hammer Design

Flow-optimized with CFD, high flow rates at low pressure drop.


For bundled efficiency.

3x less space requirements.

HP²compact is the synonym for multiple function and high-performance at a minimum of space. The valve housing, made of highgrade, forged stainless steel includes all interconnecting holes and thus contains the entire logic itself. Due to the significantly minimized number of flange connections, leaking flange points and the associated production down-times are a matter of the past.

Especially in new plant construction, the greatest advantage is obvious: The enormously reduced space requirement compared to
the conventional single valve arrangement significantly reduces the required infrastructure and thus the investment costs.

Conventional Design

Space consuming arrangement as well as high purchase and storage costs due to unnecessary single component design. Multiple number of intermediate piping and flange connections = more leakage points. Expensive downtimes due to the missing redundancy.

HP²Compact Design

With more than 300 % of space savings, completely without piping and only two flange connection points, the HP²compact design offers multiple advantages. It is easy to maintain, reduces storage costs and meets the highest safety standards, such as a design according to PED 2014/68/EU.


For fast amortization.

50 % power saving.

By HP²scaledown we understand maximum performance at lowest energy usage. Our technologies allow an easy adaptation of HP²scaledown components to your existing system, as well as an optimal equipment design for new plants.

In this way, we generally achieve power, water and material savings of 50 % +X, especially for long rolling campaigns, as it is common for fully continuous CSP, QSP-DUE or ESP plants.

EHT Min-Flow

Safe system by pump protection.

According to the system configuration our valves take the part to protect your centrifugal pumps from overheating by diverting the minimum flow.

Variable Design.

Aligned to the given space conditions and the desired pressure on the low-pressure side, a length- and pressure-variable custom-made design is achieved.

Precise Pressure Reduction.

Based on the most accurate calculations and simulations, a deviation of the minimum flow of only 5 % or less is guaranteed.


The use of EHT Min-Flow in the HP²scaledown design results in significant power and water savings. The amortization takes place within 12 months.

ESD Evertz Selective Descaling


Our ESD system is as variable as your product mix: It always adapts optimally to the width of the rolled material. Flexible in design, the ESD can also be integrated into existing rolling lines.

Multizonal on/off operation

The minimum width of the rolled material determines the number of continuously
spraying jets. Beyond the minimum width, additional jets can be switched on
or off individually.

Stepless control

You determine the relevant zones for on/ off switching, and we take care about the rest.


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